2016 AMA TEXAS MOTOCROSS STATE CHAMPIONS 1- 51cc 4-6 Limited- Kenny Flores 2- 51cc 7-8 Limited- Jace Williams 3- 51cc COMBINED OPEN 4-8 Limited- Jace Williams 4- 51cc Special Limited 4-8yrs- Mathew Bonner . 5- 65cc 7-9- Eric Vidal 6- 65cc 10-11- Kaden Shaw 7- 65cc COMBINED OPEN 7-11- Ty Crunk 8- 65/85 BEGINNER 7-11- Clarence Hanlin 9- 85/150 BEGINNER 9-15- Marshal Ballard 10- 85cc 9-11- Garrett Pearson 11- 85cc 12-15 – Coleton Street 12- 85cc COMBINED OPEN 9-15 – Garrett Pearson 13- SUPER-MINI 12-15- Ethan Zies 14- GIRLS 9-14- Cami Samples 15- WOMENS Amateur 12+ KatelynClauss 16- BEGINNER OPEN- Carter Coziahr 17- SCHOOLBOY 1. 12-16- Pierce Knight 18- SCHOOLBOY 2. 14-16- Pierce Knight 19- COLLEGEBOY AMATEUR 16-24- Jacob Mitchell 20- TWO STROKE OPEN- Amateur Riley Allen 21- OPEN AMATEUR- Nathan Wood 22- 250 C- Noah Adams 23- 250 B-Pierce Knight 24- 250 PRO- Blake Neiheiser 25- 450 C- Noah Adams 26- 450 B- Brice Stevenson 27- 450 PRO- Blake Neiheiser 28- VET BEGINNER- Over 30- David Price 29- 25 PLUS AMATEUR- Kris Culver 30- 25 PLUS A- Justin Forbes 31- 30 PLUS AMATEUR- Kris Culver 32- 30 PLUS A- Justin Forbes 33- 35 PLUS AMATEUR- Adam Montoya 34- 40 PLUS C/D- Mark Graf 35- 40 PLUS A/B- Don Bisceglia 36- 50 PLUS Open- Jimmy Booth Sr

Texas only AMA Motocross State Championship Series. Each year motocross riders in the great state of Texas have the opportunity to earn their place in history and be awarded and acknowledged as Texas AMA District Champions in all three districts which then qualifies them to move on to the AMA Texas State Championship Final and be crowned State Champions. Each district championship also has its own prestige and overall awards. Since AMA District Racing was established in Texas in 2011 was have seen great racing and growth every year. The top riders which accumulate the most points in each qualifying series will be the AMA District Champions and the top 16 will move on to the AMA Texas State Championship Final (top 8 in District 42). All riders must qualify at the appropriate races in their home district to move on to the State Championship Final. Riders from any district or state may compete at all qualifiers all over the state but will be eligible for qualifying points only in their home district (determined by address of residence). Out of state riders must choose one district in which to accumulate points and call their “home” district. All riders will want to race all rounds in their district to earn as many points as possible.



Trackside Results