Each district will produce one Texas AMA District Champion every year in each class.

Riders must do at least one District qualifier round and be in the top 16 in points for District-41 and District-20 to advance to compete in the AMA Texas State Championship Final. (Top 8 in District-42)

All rounds that riders compete in count towards their point accumulation.

All riders will want to race all rounds to earn as many points as possible.
AMA Texas State Championship Final is a 2 day race format with practice on Friday.


Awards for 1st through 5th presented at each district race. AMA District Series overall awards 1st through 5th place presented at the final round in each district. Riders must be present at the final round to receive overall awards and contingency.

The top five riders which accumulate the most points at the end of each district series will receive overall awards and contingency for that district.
Riders must compete in at least 4 of the 6 rounds and be at the final round in District 41 and 20 to be eligible for overall awards and contingency. (2 of 3 in District 42)
$40 per class race entry for District races, $50 per class entry for Texas State Championship Final.
$15 per person weekend gate fee for district racing.
$10 camp fee per vehicle per day, RV hook up offered at some facilities.
Saturday Practice fees vary per venue.
AMA membership required and available at these races.


Standard weekend Schedule;

Friday– Gates Open 6:00pm-10:00pm
Saturday- Gates Open 8:00am-10:00pm, Organized practice 9:00a-3:00p, Race sign-in 3:00p-6:00p
Sunday- Gates Open 6:30am, Race sign-in 7:00am, Practice 8:00am,Riders meeting after practice, Racing immediately following riders meeting.

1. The following protest fees shall apply at all rounds:
a. Visual Protests: $100 per item or component protested
b. Technical Protests: $100 per item or component protested
c. Plus the following if applicable:
i. Tear down Fees: $200 Two-Stroke/$500 Four-Stroke
ii. Required Engine Removal: $100
iii. Fuel Test Deposit: $325
d. Administrative Protests: $100 per incident
2. In the event of a technical protest involving a teardown or removal of the engine from the frame, the protested rider may elect for the inspection to occur either before or after the final moto involving the protested machine. In the event the inspection is made after the final moto, the machine will be impounded between motos and/or the engine sealed pending the inspection.