“The Beginning of a Legacy”

For decades, motocross riders in Texas had longed for a racing series including all the top tracks all over the state. The state of Texas had long needed a unified state championship series that benefited the riders and tracks. Over the years the idea just didn’t seem to take hold. Some track owners loved it, some did not but the unity needed was not present. Some tracks felt the State Final should always be held at their facility never giving other facilities the chance to represent the state or the riders. This type of thinking sidelined the program for years.

Things finally began to happen in 2010 when Emil Shebelbon of 3 Palms and Russell Hobbs of Buffalo Creek met and teamed up bringing north Texas, south Texas and west Texas together. Emil had a vision for a state championship series back in 2004 and Russell had the same vision and worked to put together a statewide championship series since 2005 with Doug Newbauer from the AMA. Things finally began to become a reality in 2010 with support from Kip Bigelow and the AMA.

The idea was to have District championships in all three Texas AMA Districts as qualifiers leading to a State Championship Final. Each year the State Final event would travel from one AMA district to the next. The series would create racing in each district, then the best of the best in the state of Texas would race for an elite championship like none other. There were now 14 tracks across the state ready to go. Three new AMA district championship series were established for the first time in Texas with district championships awarded in every class. Not only that, but riders would now qualify through these series to compete in the Texas AMA State Championship Final.

With all the support from the tracks, the riders, sponsors and the AMA what could go wrong. Well, this effort to unite the Texas motocross scene certainly faced some adversity. The state wide series was nearly sidelined yet again and delays held the series in limbo for months.
There was much adversity but patience, prayer and perseverance prevailed then divine providence manifest and God blessed Texas with a series which included all the great tracks who wanted in.

Finally, the clouds parted and the AMA blessed the series with only a few months left to promote the first round. The birth of Texas state wide motocross racing was set to happen in the fall of 2011. Both Russell Hobbs and Emil Shebelbon began promoting AMA district racing in all three AMA Texas districts. The state wide program received tons of great press and the riders were ready for something new, something fresh.
When the first round gates dropped in the fall of 2011 it was clear this program would be a huge success. AMA memberships grew and riders would find a renewed hope that the AMA stood behind all the riders as well as Texas promoters. In the first year, Texas would see over 2,500 entries in district racing and over 430 riders showed up for the 2011 Texas AMA State Final.

Excitement builds each year as the AMA Texas Statewide Championship Series encompassing the 3 Texas AMA District Championship Series and the Texas AMA State Championship Final continue to grow. Growth doesn’t come over night, neither does success. It has taken lots of hard work to get here and there have been some growing pains and adjustments along the way. Since its inception, the series has grown each year and more great new tracks have been added to the series, more rounds in District 42 and factory contingency in all Districts. Rest assured that these two promoters have the riders interest in mind and want the best for Texas Motocross. The AMA Texas Statewide Championship Series is in full swing promising more growth and great racing this fall. Riders can count on the best competition in the Lone Star State at the district level and at the Texas State Championship Final. The AMA Texas Statewide Championship Series is now established as the premiere series in Texas every year uniting riders, families, motocross facilities and sponsors from all over the entire state.

Because of Emil and Russell’s hard work and finesse coupled with the cooperation of a few key tracks the state of Texas is united in one series for the first time in history. They have spent much time and money and invested for a long term interest in growing racing and years of successful racing events.

Over the past 10 years all the great tracks in Texas have worked in harmony to make this series the statewide standard  that it has become.